This fully guided course will teach you the entire process of creating a portrait painting in oils from start to finish.

First Session:

You will begin the portrait with a wash drawing using just a single paint and medium, so you can focus on tone and brushwork without having to worry about colour. At the end of the session I will show you how to apply a tone over this wash drawing in preparation for the second week.

Second Session:

Using the wash drawing as your guide, you will then block in the major colours before learning how to develop the halftones to make the portrait look 3D.

(This session will be recorded on the 20th of September and will be available here by the 24th.)

Third Session:

The final session will focus on glazing, scumbling and adding final details. I will also cover good practice for storing and varnishing finished paintings.

(This session will be recorded on the 27th of September and will be available here by the 30th.)

Note: This course will be recorded during an online workshop that will take place over three Sunday afternoons in September 2020.

This course will include:

  • Complete demonstration and explanation of the complete process of painting a full colour portrait painting in oils.

  • Supporting documents and reference image.

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