This course will introduce you to the basic principles of glazing in oils.

We will be painting a bright blue glass vase (and flowers) over the course of three separate painting sessions. The painting will be able to dry completely each week, ensuring that the subsequent glaze layers will work correctly.

What You Will Learn

  • The properties of oil paint that make it a suitable medium for glazing.
  • The difference between direct and indirect painting methods, and how these differences affect the appearance of the paint layer.
  • How glazing and scumbling can alter the temperature of the painting (warm vs. cool).
  • How to mix mediums for oil painting.
  • The difference between washing and dry brushing glazes + scumbles.
  • Using brushes to apply glazes.
  • Removing glazes.
  • Mixing colours for glazing.
  • And much more!

Workshop Plan

First Session:

We will begin with a bright blue glaze to define the placement of the glass vase. This section of the painting will be left to dry while we loosely paint in the background and flowers.

Second Session:

During the second session we will be developing the form of the vase by using more complex glazes and adding white highlights.

Third Session:

During the final session we will continue to refine the blue glass, background and flowers.