This LIVE online workshop is suitable for all levels including complete beginners.

While this workshop takes place indoors, it is designed to help you make landscape paintings when working from life outdoors. We will be working on a small pre-toned panel / canvas which will make it easier to get everything down quickly. We will focus on tone, colour and brushwork. Creating two different colour studies of the same scene, to find the best possible arrangement. These studies will be used to create a larger, more detailed painting.

All tickets include:

  • A place on the LIVE workshop
  • Access to an HD recording of the workshop afterwards. Perfect if you can't make the live class or if you want to rewatch specific sections of the workshop.
  • Reference photos (you can also use your own landscape photos as reference images if you prefer).

You can take part in this session as a standalone workshop or you can sign up for the Complete Landscape Course - a series of live workshops that will guide you through the entire process of making a detailed studio landscape using sketches and references created on location.

You can view the 'Materials' PDF in the curriculum below to see a recommended materials list for this course.

LIVE online workshops have two tiers of tickets:

Tutored Passes and Watch Passes

These two options cater to all types of learners - from complete beginners through to experienced artists (and everyone in between). Find out more about the differences between these passes below:


Watch Pass

Info for Watch Pass Holders

If you purchase a Watch Pass you will be able to attend the event live, watch, work alongside and ask general questions but you will not be able to share and receive any feedback on your own work throughout the session.

This is for people who just want to watch rather than paint. It's also perfect for beginners looking to get an idea of how to approach portrait painting (but not quite confident to share just yet) or for experienced artists who don't need feedback and are looking for an enjoyable communal painting experience.


Tutored Pass

If you purchase a Tutored Pass you will receive direct guidance and support throughout the live session. The process will be broken into easy to understand stages.

  • Each stage will begin with a live demonstration that will give you the opportunity to ask questions as you watch me work.
  • After each demonstration you will work on your own painting for a set amount of time. I will be on hand the whole time to help you if you have any trouble. You will ideally set up your webcam to show your painting but it would also be fine to send images to me throughout the session. We will use a private breakout room for tutorials that will be separate from the rest of the class.
  • We will repeat this process, stage by stage, until you have completed your painting.

The course will be run online through Zoom so if you buy a Full Workshop Pass you will need to be able to share your work via webcam with me throughout the session.

How We'll Connect on the Day

You can work wherever you feel most comfortable - whether that's your home or your studio. Once you've booked you will be able to access the link and password for the Zoom meeting below.

I'll be working from my own art studio in Sheffield, UK - with a webcam sharing me and my work, so you can watch the whole process of painting from start to finish.

Date and Time: Tuesday the 1st of December / 7:00pm - 9:30pm (GMT)

Watching the Recording Afterwards

I will be uploading an HD recording of the entire workshop to this page after it ends. Anyone who has purchased a ticket will have access. You will then be able to watch and re-watch the entire session whenever you like.

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