Wash drawings are the perfect way to get started with portrait paintings in oils. You will be using just a single paint + medium, so you can focus on tone and brushwork without having to worry about colour. The reference for this course is a classical portrait by the 19th C. artist Carolus-Duran

Wash drawings make for great studies in their own right or they can form the foundation for painting portraits in full colour.

This course is suitable for all levels including complete beginners and includes:

  • 2 Hours of fully narrated content.
  • Reference Image

You can view the 'Materials' PDF in the curriculum below to see a recommended materials list for this course.


You will start by blocking-in the general proprtions of the head and features.

Developing the Shadows

You will then divide the subject into areas of light and dark to create a sense of solid form and structure in the painting.


The final stage of the course will focus on developing more subtle details in the lighter areas.

Course Curriculum

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