This class will introduce you to the basics of form (making things look 3D), which will help you to understand how light and shade can be used to make realistic and luminous drawings in pencil and charcoal.

This is the perfect place to start if you’re a complete beginner and keen to learn more about traditional drawing techniques. If you’re an experienced artist, you will hopefully find it to be a useful refresher in the most fundamental aspects of representational drawing.

What’s included:


  • HD recording of the entire 2 hr workshop
  • Reference image and materials list.
  • Diargram of the main aspects of form

What you’ll learn

You will learn the basics of how light works and how it affects the subjects in your drawing. We will begin the session with a short lecture that breaks down (and demystifies!) all the key features of a form based drawing; including shadows, half-tones and highlights. 

We will then work together on a simple form drawing exercise that will put all these ideas into practice.

How this will help you

  • You will gain a much better understanding of the basic principles that underpin traditional drawing and painting techniques.
  • Complex ideas will be taught to you in a simple and straightforward way, ensuring that you are able to apply these principles in your own work straight away.
  • Understanding of the basics is a great way to make drawing easier, so you will be able to enjoy creating artworks more in the future.